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Every coach at Your Fitness is here to support you and help you on your fitness journey.





Hey People, it’s Deepa! When I founded the company, it came with a mindset of making a change in someone’s live each day. 


I love working with my team of trainers in running the company and planning, coordinating all your sessions & communicating with each of you on a day to day basis. Besides personal training, I love ‘pushing clients’ during Bootcamps and in group settings to make them realize they can achieve so much more than they initially thought!

Remember we can improvise, adapt & overcome all barriers to lead a healthier lifestyle!



Hello!! My name is Vonnie and i’m a certified Personal Trainer and Aqua Aerobics Instructor. My self-discovery journey in a variety of sports and strength training begun since 10 years ago and currently I am picking up Tennis alongside my trusty strength training. 


It always amazed me at how there is a place for everyone in fitness. When done right, it can bring out the best in you in all aspects.


As intimidating as it may be, I always pride myself to help clients find their piece of joy in fitness training to develop a more sustainable, healthier and active lifestyle that you love and are committed to. It brings me the greatest joy to see my clients see improvement in themselves not just physically but mentally through training and that keeps me going, to be present and be the best for my clients.

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THE motivator

Hi there! My name is Sruthi and I am a fitness junkie who's an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and specialised in Functional Training. After going through my own fitness journey and transformation, I discovered my passion for fitness.

I believe one of the most important things in my life is being able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. As a certified fitness professional, my goal is to educate, motivate and uplift those seeking to live a healthier and happier life.

I love to learn and share, and that's what keeps my love for fitness burning. My clients get the best and every experience is personalized with a gentle touch from the heart.

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